Monday, June 12, 2017


“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter flaunts her bulbous ass and dump truck of a bikini body in front of a cave in the extremely suggestive photos below.

Of course it is no secret that us powerful Muslims enjoy dwelling in caves, for the solitude, shelter, and smells that they provide. It also is no secret that one night getting pounding by a massive Muslim meat scud will turn any woman’s sin holes into dank permanently cavernous openings. So the symbolism of Ariel Winter kneeling in the sand in front of this cave is certainly not lost on us.

Unfortunately for Ariel once the dark magic of photo editing of the first few pics is removed, it becomes blatantly clear from the candid beach ones that her frumpy wide frame is unworthy of serving as a sheath for our mighty flesh scimitars. Perhaps if Ariel loses 50 or 60 lbs she could try again to offer herself up in front of this cave, and have a shot of the Muslim inhabitants inside doing her the honor of stretching open her orifices.

Ariel WinterAriel WinterAriel Winter
Ariel WinterAriel WinterAriel Winter
Ariel WinterAriel WinterAriel Winter

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