Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Từ khóa

The Alison Brie censored nude photos below were just released as a preview of her upcoming leak.

As you can see from these pics, the Alison Brie leak will definitely feature numerous topless shots of her sinful female titties. Unfortunately there don’t appear to be any of Alison in a burka scrubbing the floors or digging a well under the oppressive heat of the desert sun, so there is nothing for us pious Muslims to get excited about.

Yes us Muslims are still waiting for the day that one of these celebrity leaks contains photos of the actress behaving like a proper woman. Especially if they were doing something extremely sensual like skinning a mule, mashing figs for a jam, or stitching up explosives in the seams of a martyr vest (my tunic snake grows rigid at the thought). Sadly we aren’t going to get any of this from Alison’s leak, as she will almost certainly just be standing there taking nude selfies with her sex organs hanging out like the basic bitch whore that she is.

Alison BrieAlison BrieAlison Brie
Alison BrieAlison BrieAlison Brie

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