Saturday, March 25, 2017


Kate Micucci nude

As you can see below, “The Big Bang Theory” star Kate Micucci has had her nude photos leaked online.

Kate is known in heathen Hollywood as a “quirky” actress, which is just a nice way of saying that she is a odd looking woman who attempts to be funny. Of course it is physically impossible for a woman to ever intentionally be funny for their small feeble brains are incapable of original thought let alone wit.

Yes the only thing humorous about Kate Micucci is the way that she looks. Though she may get a chuckle out of us righteous Muslims at her lapidation when her scrawny body flails around while being pelted with the stones of justice. But that of course isn’t saying much, for I’ve never been to an execution that didn’t cause me to burst out laughing at least once… And in the case of homoqueers being tossed off of buildings I damn near keel over with the giggles.

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